Sunday, June 29, 2008

Online lottery cheating.

Alert!!!!!!! Cheating can happen to you in any the form of servants, in the form of friends, or now the new trend… lotteries. For a long time this mode of cheating happens. I also have seen many such mails. Initially, I was in a doubt, whether it is right or not. Soon after, I could read a news related to it in news paper. After that I am avoiding such mails. Now this is the second time the same type of event happens in Bangalore. The previous person also was from Bangalore. The new victim Raman Hegde fell in the online lottery trap. He received a mail from Nigeria, that he has been selected for a huge prize money, and he believed it. For that he lost 7 lakh rupees. He spent this amount of money as handling charges by several times. They are targeting such people. From thousands of mails they send, if only one being trapped, that is enough for them. Most people will be surprised to get such mails. We think that without being participated in any contest, get a huge prize amount is a good scheme. Raman Hegde was contacting a Mumbai based office for this. Suddenly he lost contact with this number. Then only he realized that he was being cheated. All of us read this type of news, but again fall in these traps. So when we read something, think that it can happen to me too and be prepare to avoid such situations from our life.
News courtesy: Times of India, 28-6-2008

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