Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tragic death in an amusement park ride.

On Monday, 30th June of 2008 there happened a tragedy in Tora Tora ride of Cubbon Park amusement area. A 3 year old baby Nimra slipped off from her mother Ayesha, while the ride was moving . To rescue her child, Ayesha leaped from the ride and her head hit on a rail and she was dead. The safety measures of the park comes into the question now. A case of negligence has been booked against the contractor. Rides are supposed to have enough security system. But here nothing were done for security.
1) First of all how could they permit a 3 year old baby into that ride? Actually it is for elders. Be very strict about the age limit.
2) There should be tight belts to avoid rapid motion.
3) There should be strong railing locks that don’t open up when the ride is moving.
4) There should be lifeguards manning the rides.
At least these things have to be done seriously in all amusement parks.
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