Friday, June 27, 2008


I love to call today’s parents these words when I watch their attitude. Majority of the parents are blind with the selfishness about their kids and about their studies.They can’t tolerate other children performing over theirs. Also they try to irritate other parents by saying their kid’s over smartness stories, about the marks they scored and about their extra curricular activities. These type of people always need an ear to vomit what they have to say. They won’t be interested to listen to other people’s says. Above mentioned is about their attitude towards other parents.

How can they hide their real character at school? Here also they will show it. They think that teachers are fools and always blame the teachers and school authorities. We can complaint against them for reasonable matters. That’s okay. First we should teach our children to respect their teachers. Don’t tell any complaints of teachers in front of our children. Where ever they study, parents also have to take care of their children in studies in the beginning (up to primary level mandatory, I think). Home is the first institution for a kid. The above mentioned type of parents, they try to change the school every year and I don’t think that their complaints will end up with it….it will go on and on…..It will be good to remember that today’s many high level persons who grace their positions have come from ordinary schools only. Despite this thinking, they can't find a solution for this problem, it will be better to go for adults counseling. Or what to say?

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