Saturday, June 7, 2008

Now it is the time of reality shows…….

Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and all language channels are now running variety of reality shows with high ratings, and the serials are now a bit lower level. These shows were based on music at the beginning. Now different types of reality shows such as news related, dance related, overall performance related, acting related and especially targetted for mothers too has touched the heart of viewers. These channels help to give the best platform to exhibit our young generation’s talents. Also they are rewarded with very high offers from the sponsors. But as the reward goes to very high range, I feel the contestants are in a high pressure. The real spirit of competition vanishes here. They are attracted more by the prize value. If anybody is eliminated from the show, they think that their world ends with that. All participants should try to view it in the right spirit. Only one can win in any competition. Nowadays, many participants in a famous reality show have already participated in other channels before. Even the second runner up of Amrita TV superstar is now participating in Asianet’s idea star singer. In my personal opinion, it deteriorates the entire show’s value. As a viewer, I don’t feel it fair, because that made me think that, these people are not getting a good future with these shows. Only a few gets. Many of them are coming to these shows by giving up their studies. Lots are coming out with their talents, some of them can shine in this field, and others don’t worry go back to your studies.