Friday, May 30, 2008

New school timings in Bangalore

School timings are changing in Bangalore from this year, in order to beat rush hour traffic in the city. Traffic is a great problem in Bangalore. (For covering 13 km to my husband's office, it takes nearly 1 hour every morning). The new timing is from 8.30 to 3.30 for private schools and 9 to 4 for Government schools. But parents are anxious about the early log-in. Kids are mostly effected by this new rule. Because they have to make an early rise and their daily routines have to be finished before 7.30AM. Elder children can easily adjust with it I think. They can do their duties themselves. But for kids, they cannot eat properly, they cannot do their routines in a short time period. I hope they will be used to it faster. But, as the children skip their breakfast regularly, it causes many diseases. (As its result, medical business can develop more). For children whose both paents are office going, have to suffer a little. They will have to spend alone at home till their parents come. Anyway all schools have to co-operate with this Government rule. On the other side,

a) morning is the best time for studies and

b) after school time children get enough time to concentrate on other things
can be taken as the positive points.

Here is the link to all ICSE schools in Bangalore:

This link connects to all CBSE schools in Bangalore.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What leads to obesity in our kids?

Have you ever taken this problem seriously? From studies it is clear that Kids in cities are more obese than that of villages. In that majority of obese are adolescent girls. The high percentage of obese children in cities is mainly because of their lifestyle and food habits. Todays new generation is addicted to junk foods, chocolates, crisps, colas etc. Beyond this, lack of exercise too lead them to obesity. Nowadays our children are glued most of the time to television, computer and video games. They have the bad habit of having some snacks while watching TV also.

In my case during the summer vacation of my son, he spent lot of time for the above described activities. So every evening, I used to take him to a park near by. There lot of children come to play. He will play for 1 or 2 hours with them. Thus he gets body exercise and same time pleasure to his mind. After the school reopened , as every children he also depends school bus for transportation. Lack of exercise continues here again. So still I take him to the park for playing.

The main consequence of obesity is coronary heart disease (CHD), joint diseases, skin disorders and increased risk of cancers.

Some tips to avoid obesity:

1. Do good exercise.

2. Don't be addicted to junk foods.

3. Try to have some home made foods.

4. Cut down the time of watching TV.
If we are ready to go through these habits, it is sure that we can keep away the problem - "obesity".
News Courtesy: Times of India.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Mother Rapers"

I got the above visual from airport-seaport road - Cochin, near Kalamassery in Kerala. It was really a shocking image. What I felt was that we are killing our mother for our selfish needs. Studies show that in the coming century, the most valuable as well as deficient thing on earth will be water. Trees and mountains are helping to store water under the earth and this water we get from wells for our needs. As the result of digging soil from earth in a huge quantity leads to unavailability of water. This leads to climate changes and other environmental problems too. If we are aware about these things and ready to avert such cruel deeds, we can live in our beautiful earth for some more days by enjoying its gifts.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Kerala under the trap of Human Gods........

The contemporary event in kerala is as all of us have heard, some fake Human Gods (from all religions) and their threatening activities. Despite our people are educated, every year such personalities and their devotees are increasing only. People are blindly following these kind of fake citizens. These devotees fall in their traps due to their personal problems and they think that they can survive it by believing them and fllowing their rituals. People are ready to spend enough money for their problem solving. Not only in Kerala, but in almost all states of India too, these fake Human Gods are cheating lot of people. People easily fall under the trap of these renowned personalities. We all know that there is only one God and we call different names Krishna, Allah and Jesus as per our different religions - Hindus, Muslims and Christians. (One Caste, One Religion and One God for man - Sree Narayana Guru) . Believe in that God only and get rid of such fake personalities from our life and try to make out a good society. Don't be a foolish by trusting someone having a long beard and closed eyes.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why children's suicide rates hike after their results?

After publishing the results of final year examinations, every year children's suicide rates are hiking. Children who are not satisfied with their marks find ending their life as the only solution. It is very pity to hear such news. What leads these children to such activities? Parents have a main role in it. They insist them to study by cutting off from the outer world and bury themselves in their studies. As the result, scoring high marks and getting admission to some main courses is the one and only target in their life. If they fail to achieve that, they think "why should continue this life?".Lack of life experiences make them to think like that. Parent's over pressure and anxiety lead our children to such worst situations. All children cannot achieve high marks, but all are blessed with different talents. Try to find out our children's talents and boost it up. Studies should never be a burden to our kids. Let them learn through enjoyments. In some schools, counsllors are appointed to solve this problem. If parents also get conselling, this situation will be improved much better I think.
News Courtesy: Times of India, 21-5-'08

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Influence of mobile phone in todays life

Mobile phones while riding too??? Today it is rare to see people with their hands free. i.e.all are engaged with their phones always for necessary and unnecessary matters. Invention of mobile phone has changed our lifestyle a lot. It has many advantages as well as disadvantages. In my observation, todays young generation cannot spend even a minute without doing anything. That time also they do something in their phones like sending messages, gaming or just browsing. They are that much addicted to this equipment. Lot of mobile phone misuses and its consequences are reported in many news papers and magazines. In case of students, it is a cause to divert their attention from their studies. Because, if he/she gets a missed call from any number, they will be curious about that unknown person, and finally it leads to improper relationships in some cases. It is not only affected to students, but it is affected to people at any age also. So if we have decided to use it only in the right manner, there will not be any problem and we accidents, can make use of its benefits. The most dangerous thing about mobile phone usage is talking while riding. There are laws against this also. But no one cares that. Lot of road accidents happen due to carelessness of these riders. Pedestrians also should take care of road accidents. Because I have seen that while crossing road, they will be in chat with somebody, and cross it without much attention. One day it happened in front of our vehicle too. So finally my opinion is that if we are ready to use the mobile phones in the proper way, we can make use of its full benefits and enjoy our life in the happiest way.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mobile phones: the impact in pregnant ladies

Latest studies turn out that pregnant ladies who use mobile phones even two or three times a day cause birth of kids with behavioural and emotional problems. These kids show hyper activity, difficulties with conduct, emotions and relationships. These problems in children's health are not lower than the problems causing due to alcohol and tobacco. So in pregnancy it is better to turn down the usage of mobile phones so that we can assure our kids health in a great way. Usage of mobile phones by kids also raise a lot of health problems. Todays generation is addicted to mobile phones. It has become a part of their daily life. Its consequences I wish to explain in one of my coming posts.
News courtesy: Times of India

Friday, May 16, 2008

The hidden risk in Cubbon Park Boat ride

Recently we had a visit at cubbon park, Bangalore. It is a park with full of trees. We can really enjoy the beauty of nature here. Many people come here for their regular walking. It is not possible to watch the entire park because it is spreaded over 250 acres. Jawahar Balbhavan is situated inside this park. There is facility to conduct birthday party or any other party inside that park. Every year, in connection with women's day, a handicrafts exhibition is conducted in this park by woman and child welfare. Wide children's play area with many rides is a speciality of this park. Adults and children can enjoy these rides. But I felt a risk in one of these rides. It was boat ride. The problem I felt is that there is no security system for it. The water in that artificially made lake is so dirty. All waste water from the entire park s is collected in it. The driver is doing many gymmics to make the riders thrilled. But if any accident happens, no rescue systems are provided there. Not only in Cubbon park, but in any other water related ride places also, the authorities should be very responsible about the safety measures. Or we the riders should be aware about it and don't go for such a ride. As the proverb, prevention is better than cure, here also it is applicable.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Home alone women are killed......why?

Nowadays, it is not a rare news that home alone women are being killed by criminals in Bangalore city. The murder rate is hiking also. What will be the reason behind it? Most of the people (especially ladies) are addicted to GOLD. They use it at home and become the pin point of these criminals. But, will anyone be ready to cut down its usage? No, I think. In my opinion, we can reduce these murder rates in three ways.

(1) Stop exhibition of more ornaments.

We should know that strangers may be watching us. They watch our daily routines. (What time husband goes to office and what time he comes back etc.)

(2) Dont open the door for strangers.

In the present world if we try to exhibit our wealth by wearing more ornaments or by any other manner, the result will be loss of life.
(3)It will be better Jewelleries offering one security for a family.
For the purchase of more than a certain quantity of gold Jewelleries need to offer this service(like they offer less making charges etc).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Need to learn swimming

One of the news in today's Times of India made me think about the importance to learn swimming. Here what happened is that while trying to their child, all drowned in water and lost their lives. So I think that it is very important to teach our kids swimming. Not only one event, but many events are occuring (occured) in many parts of the world due to the unawareness of swimming.Last year there happened tragic death of some school children in Kerala. It was in Thattekkad. So many children lost their lives due to this same reason in a boat accident. So let us take this subject as a serious matter in our life, so that it may prevent so many accidents in water.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

How to make our children self dependable?

The above scene is taken on May 1st, as all of us know, on the day of labour day. It is from a small place of Bangalore. First I thought, is it right to make them work on this day itself? These poor children may be unaware of the importance of this day. Many children from poor families are denied their education, and they try to earn from their early childhood. Basic education is the right of all the children in our country. I don't know the above mentioned children are studying or not. May be they will be working in their holidays to earn something to help their family. That is a right spirit in my opinion. Even financially abled children also should do some works in their holidays as in foreign countries, so that it will enable them to be self dependant. They shold feel some experiences(good and bad) during their education time itself. But most of the parents don't understand this fact and grow their children as broiler chickens. End of the day, they have to come out of their education period and face many realities of this competitive society. That time, they fail to withstand these pressures and are insisted to accept the failure from life. So all we have to rethink about our children's existing lifestyle and our parent's parenting.