Monday, June 16, 2008

A tragic event in Jayanagar shopping complex.

Last Friday (13-6-08) night, there occurred a calamity in Jayanagar 4th block shopping complex, Bangalore. Due to electric short circuit, hundreds of shops in the complex were caught fire and burnt. This occurred at night, after all vendors closed their shops at 11pm. So, many could survive from death. But 76 small shops burnt fully and the remaining partially. It is really a very old shopping complex with old construction method. Ordinary people can get all items with affordable prices from here. Bags, purses, sandals, fabrics, fancy items, vegetables, fish and meat and many other pretty items were available there. Many people were depending this place for their shopping needs.

I also often visited there for some purchase. At that time my husband used to tell me about the risk of that complex if any accident occurs. Because of the old type construction, the exit ways are narrow, and if any rush occurs, nobody can come out safely and all will be trapped inside. When I saw that scene, first I remembered his words. No one of us are bothered about the safety measures of any shopping malls or entertainment places. Here, for the good luck, nothing happened to human lives. But it may not be happened always…………

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