Friday, June 13, 2008

Now we have so many days to celebrate................

It is the celebration started in the early 20th century to complement Mother’s Day. This day means celebrate fatherhood and male parenting. It is celebrated in different dates worldwide. Gifts giving is an attraction of this day. In 2008, father’s day is celebrating on June 15th in most of the countries.
Before, we were used to celebrate some important days like Children’s day, Teacher’s Day, May Day etc. But now the customs are already changed. We are trying to adapt some western culture to our daily life. Now we have lot of days to celebrate. Mothers day, womens day, valentines day, friendship day are a few of them. Here, as we celebrate these days, the real profit makers are business people. We are attracted by their offers to celebrate these days. Actually we need not have to express our love through the exchange of gifts or selecting one day for celebration. Love should be never ending……should be genuine and should be the concern about others problems. No special day is needed to express it. Here is a small example how we are falling in the influence of celebrating these days.

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