Monday, June 16, 2008

Western currency and western culture

In IT city, most people are trying to blend western culture with their western money. It includes attire style, food habits and total entertainment programs. In attire style, we can imitate the other cultures, but it should not cross the limits. Contemporary dressing styles are good, but we should be careful about its decency. I think now people are not hesitated to put on some vulgar dressing styles for getting the attention of others. In Bangalore city, it is not a rare sight. Food habits means people’s addiction to junk foods. Consuming more junk foods causes many diseases due to the preservatives added in it. For entertainments people can depend pubs, dance bars, five star model theatres and can do dating also. So Bangalore is on the rise by all means. But we should be aware about good and bad things and try to implement good things in our life.

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