Sunday, June 29, 2008

Online lottery cheating.

Alert!!!!!!! Cheating can happen to you in any the form of servants, in the form of friends, or now the new trend… lotteries. For a long time this mode of cheating happens. I also have seen many such mails. Initially, I was in a doubt, whether it is right or not. Soon after, I could read a news related to it in news paper. After that I am avoiding such mails. Now this is the second time the same type of event happens in Bangalore. The previous person also was from Bangalore. The new victim Raman Hegde fell in the online lottery trap. He received a mail from Nigeria, that he has been selected for a huge prize money, and he believed it. For that he lost 7 lakh rupees. He spent this amount of money as handling charges by several times. They are targeting such people. From thousands of mails they send, if only one being trapped, that is enough for them. Most people will be surprised to get such mails. We think that without being participated in any contest, get a huge prize amount is a good scheme. Raman Hegde was contacting a Mumbai based office for this. Suddenly he lost contact with this number. Then only he realized that he was being cheated. All of us read this type of news, but again fall in these traps. So when we read something, think that it can happen to me too and be prepare to avoid such situations from our life.
News courtesy: Times of India, 28-6-2008

A Reality show victim

I am so sorry to write the rest part of one of my posts in this manner. But I have to write it. Because all parents who force their children for such shows for the sake of money should read it. This is Shinjini, a 16 year old, dance reality show participant from Kolkata. Now she is in a severe condition in Bangalore Nimhans hospital for the treatment of depression. Reason: She was eliminated from the show and the judge's comments she couldn't tolerate. These type of shows shold never create such results. Parents, participants and the entire show team should try for it.
People having no mental capacity to withstand the pressures, pleasedon't go for it.......

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Friday, June 27, 2008


I love to call today’s parents these words when I watch their attitude. Majority of the parents are blind with the selfishness about their kids and about their studies.They can’t tolerate other children performing over theirs. Also they try to irritate other parents by saying their kid’s over smartness stories, about the marks they scored and about their extra curricular activities. These type of people always need an ear to vomit what they have to say. They won’t be interested to listen to other people’s says. Above mentioned is about their attitude towards other parents.

How can they hide their real character at school? Here also they will show it. They think that teachers are fools and always blame the teachers and school authorities. We can complaint against them for reasonable matters. That’s okay. First we should teach our children to respect their teachers. Don’t tell any complaints of teachers in front of our children. Where ever they study, parents also have to take care of their children in studies in the beginning (up to primary level mandatory, I think). Home is the first institution for a kid. The above mentioned type of parents, they try to change the school every year and I don’t think that their complaints will end up with it….it will go on and on…..It will be good to remember that today’s many high level persons who grace their positions have come from ordinary schools only. Despite this thinking, they can't find a solution for this problem, it will be better to go for adults counseling. Or what to say?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Garbage dumping

This is one of the examples of how we people are aware about the cleanliness of our premises. Even if garbage bins are placed, it is our habit to throw it on the roads or some places which is not recommended for it. If each and every person tries to follow the rule for garbage dumping, we can make our city clean. There are many systems to remove garbage. We should co-operate with that. If we cover the garbage before putting it in the bin, it will make easy for the employees who come to remove it. Most people are conscious about their personal cleanliness only. It is not a matter for them, how their premises are. We should start from our personal cleanliness, that’s right….but it should end with our surroundings. In such a way we can recreate a beautiful world.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Salt is not salty…….

Salt is not salty…….as well as sugar is not sugary as before…..I am observing this fact for a long time in my kitchen . I asked about it to some of my friends and they also agreed with me. Now I have to use more quantity of sugar for my tea and salt for my curries. So I think that it is the trick of branded companies to increase their business. Now all are packed items. We get fresh things by this method, but in some cases these problems also have to be faced. Now city people are depending packaged water for that in future air also we will have to buy in a packet. Let us wait and see.........

Friday, June 20, 2008

Women Molestation

Molesters are a special species seeing everywhere but their hurting is more noticeable in Kerala, our God’s Own Country. One example is P E Usha case of Calicut University. Like that many incidents have already occurred and still occurring but are unrevealed. The interesting thing is that these molesters behave well outside Kerala. Does it show the disability of Kerala women to react? In all other states, man and woman sit together in a bus and travel . Is it possible in our state? Crowded places like buses, trains, (sometimes in aero planes too as all of us know about one of our ministers) and even in holy places like festivals in temples, churches they choose for their immoral activities.

When we criticize about one subject, we should think about its both sides. It is really irritating to see some vulgar dress code of women. They are actually attracting the opposite sex and finally it leads to some corrupt activities. In buses I have seen, some ladies chatting with the driver and many accidents have occurred due to this problem. Leave those people. But majority of women are suffering the harassment of men. The one and only solution for woman molestation is REACTION. We need not have to approach any court or anywhere, but just react to these people on the spot. If all of us are ready to do that, we can fight back with these molesters and can solve this problem. All women should be courageous to do it. Thus we can make vanish this special species from earth.

Nothing is impossible.

Five women farmers from Andhra Pradesh who are also film makers presented their movies on “sustainable agriculture” recently. They say that they had to face many challenges during their attempt to learn film making. Two of the five, Narasamma and Laxamma say that even their family members opposed it. They were unaware about how to hold a camera, about its lightings and the language English. But they went ahead by overcoming all these disabilities. After the basic course of 6 months, they became familiar with camera and finally it became their passion.
What inspired them to learn film making is that they found many possibilities in natural farming. They found that making a film and spreading it is the best way to make natural farming popular. The films outlined ways of growing seeds on your own, multi cropping and regenerative crops to ensure food supply throughout the year. They took these films from village to village and now their travels have reached out of India. They have traveled to Peru, Kenya, Germany, Mali, London, Indonesia and Philippines meeting farmers and activists connected with agriculture.
Their aim is to take the message of natural farming through the film to all farmers of the country. CDs of their films are available with Community Media Trust which has given training to them. Really wonderful right? I wish them all the success for their future plans and may their dreams come true with their film making.
News courtesy: Times of India(19-6-08)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Women behind the success

By reading the title, you might have thought about some good women behind the success stories. But here I am mentioning about the other side. Now all medias are selling women nudity for their business success. Print medias, visual medias, websites all are doing the same thing. Magazines and even news papers do the extreme for the sake of their circulation. E.g. Bangalore Times. It is pity to open this news paper in the presence of family members. Why should we blame these medias? Women are ready to do anything for money. Even for the ad of a pen, the attracting visual will be woman nudity. These all reveals the outlook of today’s people. Only women can take away this situation.
Picture courtesy:

Monday, June 16, 2008

A tragic event in Jayanagar shopping complex.

Last Friday (13-6-08) night, there occurred a calamity in Jayanagar 4th block shopping complex, Bangalore. Due to electric short circuit, hundreds of shops in the complex were caught fire and burnt. This occurred at night, after all vendors closed their shops at 11pm. So, many could survive from death. But 76 small shops burnt fully and the remaining partially. It is really a very old shopping complex with old construction method. Ordinary people can get all items with affordable prices from here. Bags, purses, sandals, fabrics, fancy items, vegetables, fish and meat and many other pretty items were available there. Many people were depending this place for their shopping needs.

I also often visited there for some purchase. At that time my husband used to tell me about the risk of that complex if any accident occurs. Because of the old type construction, the exit ways are narrow, and if any rush occurs, nobody can come out safely and all will be trapped inside. When I saw that scene, first I remembered his words. No one of us are bothered about the safety measures of any shopping malls or entertainment places. Here, for the good luck, nothing happened to human lives. But it may not be happened always…………

Western currency and western culture

In IT city, most people are trying to blend western culture with their western money. It includes attire style, food habits and total entertainment programs. In attire style, we can imitate the other cultures, but it should not cross the limits. Contemporary dressing styles are good, but we should be careful about its decency. I think now people are not hesitated to put on some vulgar dressing styles for getting the attention of others. In Bangalore city, it is not a rare sight. Food habits means people’s addiction to junk foods. Consuming more junk foods causes many diseases due to the preservatives added in it. For entertainments people can depend pubs, dance bars, five star model theatres and can do dating also. So Bangalore is on the rise by all means. But we should be aware about good and bad things and try to implement good things in our life.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Now we have so many days to celebrate................

It is the celebration started in the early 20th century to complement Mother’s Day. This day means celebrate fatherhood and male parenting. It is celebrated in different dates worldwide. Gifts giving is an attraction of this day. In 2008, father’s day is celebrating on June 15th in most of the countries.
Before, we were used to celebrate some important days like Children’s day, Teacher’s Day, May Day etc. But now the customs are already changed. We are trying to adapt some western culture to our daily life. Now we have lot of days to celebrate. Mothers day, womens day, valentines day, friendship day are a few of them. Here, as we celebrate these days, the real profit makers are business people. We are attracted by their offers to celebrate these days. Actually we need not have to express our love through the exchange of gifts or selecting one day for celebration. Love should be never ending……should be genuine and should be the concern about others problems. No special day is needed to express it. Here is a small example how we are falling in the influence of celebrating these days.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Value of trees..........

Way to Jayanagar 4th block, Bangalore
A view from cubbon park

Uprooting a tree
The Garden City is famous for its variety of trees. We can see big trees on either side of most of the roads. These trees are a main cause of the pleasant climate of this city throughout the year. But presently the climate has changed a lot due to the crowding of buildings and vehicles. But appreciable attempts are doing to keep up the good climate. Eventhough lot of trees are uprooting for modern infrastructure, these are putting back with the co-operation of the forest department, metropolis and environmentalists. For the metro rail project in Bangalore, many huge trees were to be uprooted from MG road, but they all could be successfully put back in Cubbon park. It is a great thing in my opinion. In most of the cities, (even in villages also) trees are axing for their development works. They have to be aware of the value of trees and its influence on our environment. I am glad about the good outlook of considering trees as precious things in our Garden City.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our negligence towards everything ……..

This is the image of water tank in Domlur layout(airport road) in Bangalore. Its leakage is neglected by the authorities. If anything happens, the lost will be huge. It is our habit to neglect everything, and after something happens we all will raise our voice against it. Minute troubles are getting bigger and bigger. If we can solve it in the beginning, great calamities can be avoided.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Best Citizen Journalist

Best Citizen Journalist was Amrita channel’s one different reality show. This show could bring out some talented journalists from ordinary people. It was not an entertainment show, but very much informative about our social immoralities. Many participants could reveal and solve many such issues within a very short time period. That was the success of that show too. The judging panel and the anchor also have a main part behind its success. Each and every participant’s dedication and courage also have to be appreciated. Finalist Ratheesh and first runner up Bonymol's reports were really great on the day of grand finale. Actually we have to promote this kind of shows so that it can make a lot of good changes in our society.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Now it is the time of reality shows…….

Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and all language channels are now running variety of reality shows with high ratings, and the serials are now a bit lower level. These shows were based on music at the beginning. Now different types of reality shows such as news related, dance related, overall performance related, acting related and especially targetted for mothers too has touched the heart of viewers. These channels help to give the best platform to exhibit our young generation’s talents. Also they are rewarded with very high offers from the sponsors. But as the reward goes to very high range, I feel the contestants are in a high pressure. The real spirit of competition vanishes here. They are attracted more by the prize value. If anybody is eliminated from the show, they think that their world ends with that. All participants should try to view it in the right spirit. Only one can win in any competition. Nowadays, many participants in a famous reality show have already participated in other channels before. Even the second runner up of Amrita TV superstar is now participating in Asianet’s idea star singer. In my personal opinion, it deteriorates the entire show’s value. As a viewer, I don’t feel it fair, because that made me think that, these people are not getting a good future with these shows. Only a few gets. Many of them are coming to these shows by giving up their studies. Lots are coming out with their talents, some of them can shine in this field, and others don’t worry go back to your studies.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Influence of hypermarkets(supermarkets) in consumers.

From Star Bazaar

From Total
Now people of Bangalore city is depending more on hypermarkets for their shopping needs. Big Bazaar, Star Bazaar, Reliance fresh, Reliance mart, Home town, Staples, Spar, More, Food world, Spencers, Vishal and Total are some of these. Within two years, the arrival of some of these hypermarkets were fabulous. They give the very best offers to customers and it attracts people in a great manner. We get all household items under one roof – that is the speciality of these hypermarkets. We will get wide range of products, (from vegetables to electronic items) with high quality and best prices. But the problem is for small shop keepers. These malls are raising a high competition to these small shops. If this condition persists the result will be the shutdown of these small shops. That time these malls will attain the monopoly and then they can do anything on the price of items and quality. We might not get these good prices and quality that time. That is why in Kerala, a political party is highly against the arrival of hypermarkets. But all are the part of globalization only. What we have to do is just be a part of it now, and should be groomed to do something against price hikes by keeping it in mind. All of us should be united for it that time.