Monday, July 21, 2008

Divorce, a common matter in today’s life.

Many marriage lives (love and arranged) which ends up in divorce is not a rare matter in our time. Marriage is considered as a holy event and it is believed that marriage is made in heaven. But due to many factors, it is not practically happening in today’s life. It was not short period lives before. Both the partners gave importance to a family life and they both made adjustments to lead it to success. Result is their children could experience the love and warmth of parents and could live a happy life.

There are many factors which leads to family life problems.
1) One or more pre marriage relationships.
2) Hectic work schedules of both partners.
3) Lack of time to interact with each other and share their personal matters.
4) Giving less importance to a family life.
5) Women are self dependent and they don’t have to depend their men for anything so they need not have to adjust with them and this mentality finally leads to failure of family life.
6) Distrust is the main villain ruining the family life.

The new generation is not at all ready to bear any kind of terrible experiences. In one sense it is right. We don’t have to live this life by bearing the partner’s bad habits. But if we can bear it, it will be a great gain to our children. Many religious shrines offer pre marriage counseling. It is a very good method. Through counseling both the partners get awareness about married life. Beyond sex, there are many important factors which bond together the partners to lead a successful married life.

After divorce, children are the suffering factors. It leads the children to depression, and many behavioral abnormalities. God has determined each and everyone’s partner. It may not be a perfect match, but there will be a hidden aim to join two hearts, so try to find out that aim and make it practical. Sure….we can lead a successful married life.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Growing rate of sexual abuses.

Sexual abuses rates are growing terrifically in Gods own country. For long years we are hearing about this type of news. But nowadays the situation is getting more and more vulgar. Now it has reached up to child sex. Girls from 2 to 13 years are in the targeted list.

We all read about sexual abuse in newspapers and after 2 or 3 weeks, we are forced to forget it because by that time new news’s are waiting for us. The criminals don’t get enough punishment too. Or if they are getting it, it will be too late. People from bad social backgrounds or who are addicted to drugs are doing these horrible deeds. Even a 2 year old baby girl becomes the victim of their cheapest activities.

Have we ever thought about the future life of these victims and their family members? These girls become prostitutes or mentally retarded or they commit suicide in future. The most terrific situation is the people’s attitude change after this incident. All watch the victim and family in a different view after the incident. Actually what we have to do is consoling and supporting. We don’t think that it can happen to our mother, daughter, sister or wife. (Huge crowds in front of the court after the judgment is an example).

But the wondering thing is that the sexually abused girl is not ready to reaveal everything to their parents soon after the incident. There may be threatening from the other side. But how can a girl suffer all these for a long time? After many months only, some incidents are revealing. (After being caught by HIV or some physical problems). Till that time the parents are ignorant about this. That is really surprising.

A good mother should easily find out the changes in her daughter. Is all it due to the problem of today’s parenting? Parents are busy with their work schedules and they don’t get enough time to care their children. And the children don’t have the intimacy to reveal everything to their parents. I think such children fall in these traps easily.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Why people hesitate to help others?

This is the image of a cheating woman who pretends to be pregnant for getting money. Like this many and many incidents are occurring in our society. Some good personalities try to help the poor and orphans, but in some times they will be cheated by their bad activities. Now people are aware of this type of cheatings and they hesitate to do something for the poor. Many tragic deaths also happen by this people. So finally what happens means the people who are eligible for getting some sort of helps also are denied it due to others misusing.

Picture courtesy: malayala manorama, 10-7-08

Pet lovers

Pets give us entertainment, love and pleasure to our mind. The most loving pet is dog. Its affection and gratitude is beyond the words. In almost all nuclear families, pets are an integral part. But we should be conscious about the allergic diseases cause due to the fur of these pets. Nowadays pets are becoming the signs of status symbol. Some people go for Bush’s eye colored dog or Clinton’s grandsons type of pet. They look only for the brand. After modeling in some advertisements, the demand of some pets become high and people spend lots to make it own. As per the fashion changes, their pets also changes. In such people the intimacy will be less. Pet lovers will be kind hearted and we can trust them. Pets really help to bring out the kindness in our children’s mind. If we can develop this simple but most worth habit in our kids, that will be a great asset for the parents in their old ages.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How can we protect our children from dangers?

When I come to know about some type of accidents happening to others, I will decide never go through that path to invite accidents. But accidents are happening from some sources which we never expect. This Sunday’s incident was such a one(6-7-08). In JP Nagar, Bangalore, loss of two children came in the form of helium cylinder.

When the balloon seller came in that way, many children crowded there for the colorful balloons. Sanjay a class 5th student and Nagaraja a class 8th student included in it. The balloon man’s cycle had a helium cylinder to fill the balloons. The helium cylinder became overheated due to the continuous filling up of balloons and when the seller poured some water to make it cool, the cylinder exploded due to great pressure and Sanjay and Nagaraja died. Four other children and the seller Manoj from U.P. were severely injured. The parents are still not able to digest the fact. They can’t believe that their children went to buy the balloons just 1 minute before is no more. I really wish those parents may get courage to face the fact and to lead a normal life.

The seller who was admitted in Victoria hospital escaped on Monday. Now the investigation unit is suspicious about the gas filled in it was helium or other lighter gases like hydrogen or acetylene. All three are easily available in market.

From this incident we can realize that accidents can happen in several ways. This was really an unexpected way. I think medias can do something for it. If they do research on the possibility of unexpected accidents and give awareness to the people, it would be a good service they are doing to the society.

News courtesy: Times of India, 7-7-08

Sunday, July 6, 2008

One side sitting on bike and its risks.

One side sitting is really risk for bike riders. Convenient sitting is two side. But it is difficult for old women (sari wearers). They can’t sit like this due to the inconvenience of the dress. This one side sitting increases the chance of accidents. When the bike do sudden break or when it is hitted by a vehicle from behind, the pillion rider loses grip easily and falls. Not even that, the back vehicle hits the body and this causes to sudden death sometimes. Lot of accidents have been occurred in this manner. It may not be possible for all ladies, but ladies should try the other way because we get more grip and can reduce the chance of falling down. Thus we can avoid some accidents of this type.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Over speed kills many……

Despite many lives have been ended with the over speed of vehicles, drivers are not yet ready to cut down their speed. Bus drivers are the main culprits behind many accidents. When read some news about it, I feel that these drivers are neglecting the pedestrians and small vehicle drivers. But the interesting thing is that best part of the riders in the bus are in a hurry and they are enjoying the thrill of over speed. They don’t think about the accidents which may happen due to this excess speed. Actually the passengers should have to take initiative to stop their death running. We all will react only when something happens to our nearest and dearest. This is not the good way of thinking. All of us should react against it. Anyway, speed governor implementation is a good method to bring down such problems .

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tragic death in an amusement park ride.

On Monday, 30th June of 2008 there happened a tragedy in Tora Tora ride of Cubbon Park amusement area. A 3 year old baby Nimra slipped off from her mother Ayesha, while the ride was moving . To rescue her child, Ayesha leaped from the ride and her head hit on a rail and she was dead. The safety measures of the park comes into the question now. A case of negligence has been booked against the contractor. Rides are supposed to have enough security system. But here nothing were done for security.
1) First of all how could they permit a 3 year old baby into that ride? Actually it is for elders. Be very strict about the age limit.
2) There should be tight belts to avoid rapid motion.
3) There should be strong railing locks that don’t open up when the ride is moving.
4) There should be lifeguards manning the rides.
At least these things have to be done seriously in all amusement parks.
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