Friday, June 20, 2008

Nothing is impossible.

Five women farmers from Andhra Pradesh who are also film makers presented their movies on “sustainable agriculture” recently. They say that they had to face many challenges during their attempt to learn film making. Two of the five, Narasamma and Laxamma say that even their family members opposed it. They were unaware about how to hold a camera, about its lightings and the language English. But they went ahead by overcoming all these disabilities. After the basic course of 6 months, they became familiar with camera and finally it became their passion.
What inspired them to learn film making is that they found many possibilities in natural farming. They found that making a film and spreading it is the best way to make natural farming popular. The films outlined ways of growing seeds on your own, multi cropping and regenerative crops to ensure food supply throughout the year. They took these films from village to village and now their travels have reached out of India. They have traveled to Peru, Kenya, Germany, Mali, London, Indonesia and Philippines meeting farmers and activists connected with agriculture.
Their aim is to take the message of natural farming through the film to all farmers of the country. CDs of their films are available with Community Media Trust which has given training to them. Really wonderful right? I wish them all the success for their future plans and may their dreams come true with their film making.
News courtesy: Times of India(19-6-08)

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