Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Influence of hypermarkets(supermarkets) in consumers.

From Star Bazaar

From Total
Now people of Bangalore city is depending more on hypermarkets for their shopping needs. Big Bazaar, Star Bazaar, Reliance fresh, Reliance mart, Home town, Staples, Spar, More, Food world, Spencers, Vishal and Total are some of these. Within two years, the arrival of some of these hypermarkets were fabulous. They give the very best offers to customers and it attracts people in a great manner. We get all household items under one roof – that is the speciality of these hypermarkets. We will get wide range of products, (from vegetables to electronic items) with high quality and best prices. But the problem is for small shop keepers. These malls are raising a high competition to these small shops. If this condition persists the result will be the shutdown of these small shops. That time these malls will attain the monopoly and then they can do anything on the price of items and quality. We might not get these good prices and quality that time. That is why in Kerala, a political party is highly against the arrival of hypermarkets. But all are the part of globalization only. What we have to do is just be a part of it now, and should be groomed to do something against price hikes by keeping it in mind. All of us should be united for it that time.