Monday, June 6, 2011

Do within 100 days!

Most of us luv to postpone our duties without any reasons. A push is always needed to do something. I have lot of pending works at home now and we (me and my hubby) thought of how to complete it. It was very incidental that we could read about our Honorable chief minister Mr.Umman Chandy's 100 days project in Malayala Manorama daily. It made us think that if such a person with too much work schedules can complete all those things in 100 days, why can't we? It was really a motivational news. One thing I realize from it is, if there is a dead line, we all can finish all our duties on time.

First thing we did was made a long list of our pending works with a caption "Do within 100 days". It includes our system cleaning, disposal of unwanted fies and so many small small things. Now everything is in our long list. And now we are too thrilled to finish all those within these 100 days.

All of you can try this simple method from today itself. You will find 100 days are more...sure.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Today is my dearest friend's Happy Birthday. We used to wish each other in our college days and and after a long gap, now I wish her again with the same warmth and memories of our old days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND!!!!! May God bless you with tremendous blessings and hope all your wishes come true in your life span.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Merikkundoru Kunjadu

Recently I watched the Malayalam movie "Merikkundoru Kunjadu". I was in a doubt that can I watch the movie with my 1 year and 10 month old toddler. My good luck....half the time she slept and then sat silently. We all were highly impressed by the role Biju Menon done in this movie. An actor's talent can be exposed when he/she gets such good roles only. Everyone who watched this movie can surely realize Biju Menon's versatality. Really wishing him good luck for his future in film industry. After the movie, Biju Menon's character was remained in our minds more than the hero. The movie also is a very good one to watch. This post is for congratulating Biju Menon for his best performance.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A ray of hope to alcohol addicted people and their families.

I came to know about AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) from Malayala Manorama daily, a few weeks back. Many faces of some tragic families passed through my mind that time. I think our state is first in consuming liquors, and its rate hikes especially in festival seasons. I felt it is a good organization for such people. It helps to get rid of alcoholism from themselves and helping others to relieve from this “family and society ruining” bad habit.

AA was formed in the year 1935, now they are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. The only condition to join in AA is the strong desire to throw away alcohol. No fees are taking for this purpose. The names of its members will be very confidential also. The members share their experiences of alcoholic life and what they done to relieve from this habit too. The members concentrate in how can live “today” without alcohol. When they can do it easily, “every day passes” like this.

You can contact AA in,

Thiruvananthapuram: 9496261512

Kottayam: 9447038765

Ernakulam: 9447003384

Kozhikkode: 9847985297


Just search AA or Alcoholics Anonymous in telephone directory.

Really hope AA’s efforts can lift many awful families from their miseries to pleasure.

For more details please log on to Alcoholics Anonymous

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My experience on chicken pox during pregnancy.

Let me add some basic facts of chicken pox during pregnancy before starting my experience on it.

Some facts about Chicken Pox in pregnancy

Chicken pox is an infection caused by the varicella virus. However, chicken pox acquired during pregnancy causes an increase risk of complications to the mother and the infant, the time of infection - during early pregnancy or near delivery, determines the risk to mother and child.

Infant Complications of Chicken Pox in Early Pregnancy

Primary chicken pox infection in the first trimester of pregnancy, especially weeks 8 to 12, carries a 2.2% risk of birth defects in the infant. The most common manifestation is scarring of the skin. Other abnormalities that can occur include a smaller than normal head, eye problems, low birth weight, small limbs, and mental retardation.

Infant Complications of Chicken Pox in Late Pregnancy

If a woman acquires a primary chicken pox infection within 5 days before and 2 days after delivery, her newborn is at risk for disseminated varicella infection. Disseminated varicella infection occurs when the virus infects a newborn before the transfer of protective maternal antibodies. This overwhelming viral infection leads to death in 25% of cases.

Informations from here

My experience on chicken pox during pregnancy.

What tempted me to share my experience on chicken pox during pregnancy is that, I think, many people may be suffering with it and searching for such information on the same. I really hope it can influence those in a good way. I acquired chicken pox in my 8th week of pregnancy. My doctor insisted me for an abortion to avert any such misfortune mentioned above in my life and she gave one week time to take a decision. She was sure that my child would have some type of problem, because she was sure of it by seeing me with those bubbles. All my parents, relatives and friends also insisted me to terminate it, thinking about my good future. Me and my husband were really in a dilemma. We had heard and read about others experience on the same problem, most of it endued negative energy, but some people’s experience gave us the positive energy to go on. Even though, in a certain moment I got ready to follow my doctor.

But my husband’s thought reverted me from my decision. He said whatever may happen, it is our baby and it is our responsibility to bring it up. And blamed me, how selfish you are to pray God to give you a normal baby when lots of others suffer with such kind of abnormal kids in different parts of this world? These made me rethink. Finally I also joined with him in the firm decision to continue, ignoring all other opinions. The rest of my days were full of prayers.

I was admitted in St. Philomena’s hospital 1 month earlier than the due date because the scanning showed low weight to the baby. It was only 2kg in 8th month. So they did cesarean in a hurry. The nurses said in the previous night of delivery that the baby will be shifted to room only after few days, because premature babies will have some birth difficulties, so they will be under observation. We all were anxious in those moments of operation. I was able to see my doctor and pediatrician when she does the cesarean because I was given spinal anesthesia and so I could hear my baby’s crying after some minutes. I was relieved in some way because I had heard that a baby crying just after the birth is symptom of good health. Doctor told me you got a baby girl. But that was not the important matter for me. I asked her is she a normal one? She said yes…She was soon shifted to the room as she was quite healthy. She was good in taking milk also. Really she is a miracle baby I believe. I believe we got her only because of prayers. I am really grateful to all those who prayed for me and my baby.

I can’t forget my cousin Jeeva, who was with me from the beginning to end in all my problems to console me. Now my baby is 1year and 3 months. She is quite like other babies of same age. It is the only thing I want to say, prayers can change everything. If anybody suffering with such a problem, don’t think about an abortion immediately, just rethink of it. Usually all doctors suggest for an abortion, but there is no 100% chance for an abnormality. I cannot compel any of you, as there is a small chance of risk, but just rethink…..If it can save a wonderful life, is there any other pleasure than it? Now when we enjoy her plays and naughtiness, I really thank God for helping us to take the right decision at that time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bombay Phenotype – the rarest blood group.

“Bombay Phenotype” as the name indicates was found first in Bombay and it is the rarest blood group in the world. Incidence is 0.0004% of the global population. i.e. 1 in 17,600 people in India or 1 in 25,000 people in the world are of this special type of blood group. Total 179 people were known to have of this blood group in India, but the 180th person has been identified in Bangalore BGS hospital yesterday. 42 year old Annappa Hanumanthappa of Davangere was here for donating blood for his 6 year old son for the cardiac surgery and he was identified as the 180th person.

As this blood group has resemblances with “O” group, all this blood group holders have to make sure it is not Bombay Phenotype. Because a person with Bombay Phenotype should always cautious not to receive or donate any other blood group. They should carry an identity card prominently displaying blood group.

BGS Global Hospital’s Rare Blood Group Registry helpline: 2625 5654

World blood donor day.

Today, June 14th is celebrated as world blood donor day.

Preparations for blood donation.

  • Have a regular healthy meal the previous day and day of donation, do not fast before donation.
  • Don’t drink alcohol for 48 hours before donation.
  • Avoid smoking on day of donation.
  • Drink plenty of fluids on the day, but avoid caffeine.
  • Wear something comfortable, with sleeves that can be rolled up.
  • After donation, sit down for a while and eat light anacks that is offered.
  • Drink plenty of liquids and juices for next couple of hours.
  • Donor can go back to work within half an hour of giving blood, but should avoid intense physical exertion immediately after donation.
Criteria for donation
  • Must be above 18 years of age
  • Donor should not be underweight - more than 45-50 kg is fine
  • Should not be suffering from infections such as a cold or flu or chronic diseases(diabetes/cancer etc)
  • Should not have taken any intoxicating drugs, orally or otherwise
  • Should not have blood pressure or low blood pressure
  • Pregnant or menstruating women not eligible to donate

It takes around 24 hours for our body to replenish the volume of blood and hemoglobin level is usually replenished within 7-10 days.