Friday, June 20, 2008

Women Molestation

Molesters are a special species seeing everywhere but their hurting is more noticeable in Kerala, our God’s Own Country. One example is P E Usha case of Calicut University. Like that many incidents have already occurred and still occurring but are unrevealed. The interesting thing is that these molesters behave well outside Kerala. Does it show the disability of Kerala women to react? In all other states, man and woman sit together in a bus and travel . Is it possible in our state? Crowded places like buses, trains, (sometimes in aero planes too as all of us know about one of our ministers) and even in holy places like festivals in temples, churches they choose for their immoral activities.

When we criticize about one subject, we should think about its both sides. It is really irritating to see some vulgar dress code of women. They are actually attracting the opposite sex and finally it leads to some corrupt activities. In buses I have seen, some ladies chatting with the driver and many accidents have occurred due to this problem. Leave those people. But majority of women are suffering the harassment of men. The one and only solution for woman molestation is REACTION. We need not have to approach any court or anywhere, but just react to these people on the spot. If all of us are ready to do that, we can fight back with these molesters and can solve this problem. All women should be courageous to do it. Thus we can make vanish this special species from earth.

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