Thursday, May 1, 2008

How to make our children self dependable?

The above scene is taken on May 1st, as all of us know, on the day of labour day. It is from a small place of Bangalore. First I thought, is it right to make them work on this day itself? These poor children may be unaware of the importance of this day. Many children from poor families are denied their education, and they try to earn from their early childhood. Basic education is the right of all the children in our country. I don't know the above mentioned children are studying or not. May be they will be working in their holidays to earn something to help their family. That is a right spirit in my opinion. Even financially abled children also should do some works in their holidays as in foreign countries, so that it will enable them to be self dependant. They shold feel some experiences(good and bad) during their education time itself. But most of the parents don't understand this fact and grow their children as broiler chickens. End of the day, they have to come out of their education period and face many realities of this competitive society. That time, they fail to withstand these pressures and are insisted to accept the failure from life. So all we have to rethink about our children's existing lifestyle and our parent's parenting.

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