Wednesday, April 30, 2008

18 year old thrashed and burnt alive

While reading todays Times of India,I was stucked by a news in its front page. An 18 year old
girl was brutally murdered by her father and her uncle in Gadag district, about 80
kilometers from Hubli. What provoked them to do such a crime was that she was in love with
a boy whose financial status was too below them. Her father might have dreamed of her
marriage with a well settled man, suitable to their family, as every parents think. So he
could not digest this fact and did such a crime. After reading this news, what I felt was
that his love towards his daughter was very negligible, compared to his social status.
Anyway if he had abandoned her and let them live together, she would have been alive now.
But now.......? I am not joining with that father as well as daughter. Love is a common
matter in teenage. But it should not hurt parents in any manner. Because they might have
suffered (no...... every parents suffer) for growing up their children. They dream about
their good future, they calculate many plans for them. All might not have come true... But
in a sudden moment leaving parents, siblings and relatives and starting a new life with
one's own choice makes wounds in their hearts, that will not be healable. Our parents
blessings are essential for our good life, I believe like that. I am not totally against
love marriage, but if our choice is right and can live together as a model to others, it
is ok in my opinion. Some cases don't last long, at that time nobody will be there with a
helping hand. In this case, that girl lost her life, and the culprits will get lifetime
imprisonment. Who won here? Just think about it.....
News Courtesy: Times of India.

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