Thursday, May 15, 2008

Home alone women are killed......why?

Nowadays, it is not a rare news that home alone women are being killed by criminals in Bangalore city. The murder rate is hiking also. What will be the reason behind it? Most of the people (especially ladies) are addicted to GOLD. They use it at home and become the pin point of these criminals. But, will anyone be ready to cut down its usage? No, I think. In my opinion, we can reduce these murder rates in three ways.

(1) Stop exhibition of more ornaments.

We should know that strangers may be watching us. They watch our daily routines. (What time husband goes to office and what time he comes back etc.)

(2) Dont open the door for strangers.

In the present world if we try to exhibit our wealth by wearing more ornaments or by any other manner, the result will be loss of life.
(3)It will be better Jewelleries offering one security for a family.
For the purchase of more than a certain quantity of gold Jewelleries need to offer this service(like they offer less making charges etc).


AswathiBabu said...

These are not yrs thoughts alone thsese may be the thoughts of a lot of people without the courage to react to the criminal world. As we are concerned sometimes my mother mind will become so anxious about the cruel world. congrats to yr attempt to react in yr own way. Little drops make the ocean.
All the best from the heart

Susan Manoj said...

thanks Aswathi....