Friday, May 16, 2008

The hidden risk in Cubbon Park Boat ride

Recently we had a visit at cubbon park, Bangalore. It is a park with full of trees. We can really enjoy the beauty of nature here. Many people come here for their regular walking. It is not possible to watch the entire park because it is spreaded over 250 acres. Jawahar Balbhavan is situated inside this park. There is facility to conduct birthday party or any other party inside that park. Every year, in connection with women's day, a handicrafts exhibition is conducted in this park by woman and child welfare. Wide children's play area with many rides is a speciality of this park. Adults and children can enjoy these rides. But I felt a risk in one of these rides. It was boat ride. The problem I felt is that there is no security system for it. The water in that artificially made lake is so dirty. All waste water from the entire park s is collected in it. The driver is doing many gymmics to make the riders thrilled. But if any accident happens, no rescue systems are provided there. Not only in Cubbon park, but in any other water related ride places also, the authorities should be very responsible about the safety measures. Or we the riders should be aware about it and don't go for such a ride. As the proverb, prevention is better than cure, here also it is applicable.

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