Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Influence of mobile phone in todays life

Mobile phones while riding too??? Today it is rare to see people with their hands free. i.e.all are engaged with their phones always for necessary and unnecessary matters. Invention of mobile phone has changed our lifestyle a lot. It has many advantages as well as disadvantages. In my observation, todays young generation cannot spend even a minute without doing anything. That time also they do something in their phones like sending messages, gaming or just browsing. They are that much addicted to this equipment. Lot of mobile phone misuses and its consequences are reported in many news papers and magazines. In case of students, it is a cause to divert their attention from their studies. Because, if he/she gets a missed call from any number, they will be curious about that unknown person, and finally it leads to improper relationships in some cases. It is not only affected to students, but it is affected to people at any age also. So if we have decided to use it only in the right manner, there will not be any problem and we accidents, can make use of its benefits. The most dangerous thing about mobile phone usage is talking while riding. There are laws against this also. But no one cares that. Lot of road accidents happen due to carelessness of these riders. Pedestrians also should take care of road accidents. Because I have seen that while crossing road, they will be in chat with somebody, and cross it without much attention. One day it happened in front of our vehicle too. So finally my opinion is that if we are ready to use the mobile phones in the proper way, we can make use of its full benefits and enjoy our life in the happiest way.

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