Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Mother Rapers"

I got the above visual from airport-seaport road - Cochin, near Kalamassery in Kerala. It was really a shocking image. What I felt was that we are killing our mother for our selfish needs. Studies show that in the coming century, the most valuable as well as deficient thing on earth will be water. Trees and mountains are helping to store water under the earth and this water we get from wells for our needs. As the result of digging soil from earth in a huge quantity leads to unavailability of water. This leads to climate changes and other environmental problems too. If we are aware about these things and ready to avert such cruel deeds, we can live in our beautiful earth for some more days by enjoying its gifts.

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Anonymous said...

Your articles may want to convey a message but your title takes away from it. This is an inappropriate title for this topic.
"Rape' is not a word to be used so easily .