Thursday, May 29, 2008

What leads to obesity in our kids?

Have you ever taken this problem seriously? From studies it is clear that Kids in cities are more obese than that of villages. In that majority of obese are adolescent girls. The high percentage of obese children in cities is mainly because of their lifestyle and food habits. Todays new generation is addicted to junk foods, chocolates, crisps, colas etc. Beyond this, lack of exercise too lead them to obesity. Nowadays our children are glued most of the time to television, computer and video games. They have the bad habit of having some snacks while watching TV also.

In my case during the summer vacation of my son, he spent lot of time for the above described activities. So every evening, I used to take him to a park near by. There lot of children come to play. He will play for 1 or 2 hours with them. Thus he gets body exercise and same time pleasure to his mind. After the school reopened , as every children he also depends school bus for transportation. Lack of exercise continues here again. So still I take him to the park for playing.

The main consequence of obesity is coronary heart disease (CHD), joint diseases, skin disorders and increased risk of cancers.

Some tips to avoid obesity:

1. Do good exercise.

2. Don't be addicted to junk foods.

3. Try to have some home made foods.

4. Cut down the time of watching TV.
If we are ready to go through these habits, it is sure that we can keep away the problem - "obesity".
News Courtesy: Times of India.

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