Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why children's suicide rates hike after their results?

After publishing the results of final year examinations, every year children's suicide rates are hiking. Children who are not satisfied with their marks find ending their life as the only solution. It is very pity to hear such news. What leads these children to such activities? Parents have a main role in it. They insist them to study by cutting off from the outer world and bury themselves in their studies. As the result, scoring high marks and getting admission to some main courses is the one and only target in their life. If they fail to achieve that, they think "why should continue this life?".Lack of life experiences make them to think like that. Parent's over pressure and anxiety lead our children to such worst situations. All children cannot achieve high marks, but all are blessed with different talents. Try to find out our children's talents and boost it up. Studies should never be a burden to our kids. Let them learn through enjoyments. In some schools, counsllors are appointed to solve this problem. If parents also get conselling, this situation will be improved much better I think.
News Courtesy: Times of India, 21-5-'08

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