Monday, July 14, 2008

Growing rate of sexual abuses.

Sexual abuses rates are growing terrifically in Gods own country. For long years we are hearing about this type of news. But nowadays the situation is getting more and more vulgar. Now it has reached up to child sex. Girls from 2 to 13 years are in the targeted list.

We all read about sexual abuse in newspapers and after 2 or 3 weeks, we are forced to forget it because by that time new news’s are waiting for us. The criminals don’t get enough punishment too. Or if they are getting it, it will be too late. People from bad social backgrounds or who are addicted to drugs are doing these horrible deeds. Even a 2 year old baby girl becomes the victim of their cheapest activities.

Have we ever thought about the future life of these victims and their family members? These girls become prostitutes or mentally retarded or they commit suicide in future. The most terrific situation is the people’s attitude change after this incident. All watch the victim and family in a different view after the incident. Actually what we have to do is consoling and supporting. We don’t think that it can happen to our mother, daughter, sister or wife. (Huge crowds in front of the court after the judgment is an example).

But the wondering thing is that the sexually abused girl is not ready to reaveal everything to their parents soon after the incident. There may be threatening from the other side. But how can a girl suffer all these for a long time? After many months only, some incidents are revealing. (After being caught by HIV or some physical problems). Till that time the parents are ignorant about this. That is really surprising.

A good mother should easily find out the changes in her daughter. Is all it due to the problem of today’s parenting? Parents are busy with their work schedules and they don’t get enough time to care their children. And the children don’t have the intimacy to reveal everything to their parents. I think such children fall in these traps easily.

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