Monday, July 21, 2008

Divorce, a common matter in today’s life.

Many marriage lives (love and arranged) which ends up in divorce is not a rare matter in our time. Marriage is considered as a holy event and it is believed that marriage is made in heaven. But due to many factors, it is not practically happening in today’s life. It was not short period lives before. Both the partners gave importance to a family life and they both made adjustments to lead it to success. Result is their children could experience the love and warmth of parents and could live a happy life.

There are many factors which leads to family life problems.
1) One or more pre marriage relationships.
2) Hectic work schedules of both partners.
3) Lack of time to interact with each other and share their personal matters.
4) Giving less importance to a family life.
5) Women are self dependent and they don’t have to depend their men for anything so they need not have to adjust with them and this mentality finally leads to failure of family life.
6) Distrust is the main villain ruining the family life.

The new generation is not at all ready to bear any kind of terrible experiences. In one sense it is right. We don’t have to live this life by bearing the partner’s bad habits. But if we can bear it, it will be a great gain to our children. Many religious shrines offer pre marriage counseling. It is a very good method. Through counseling both the partners get awareness about married life. Beyond sex, there are many important factors which bond together the partners to lead a successful married life.

After divorce, children are the suffering factors. It leads the children to depression, and many behavioral abnormalities. God has determined each and everyone’s partner. It may not be a perfect match, but there will be a hidden aim to join two hearts, so try to find out that aim and make it practical. Sure….we can lead a successful married life.

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AswathiBabu said...

Divorce has become a normal word today. Everybody needs their own comforts and luxuries. Its a nice posting...