Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How can we protect our children from dangers?

When I come to know about some type of accidents happening to others, I will decide never go through that path to invite accidents. But accidents are happening from some sources which we never expect. This Sunday’s incident was such a one(6-7-08). In JP Nagar, Bangalore, loss of two children came in the form of helium cylinder.

When the balloon seller came in that way, many children crowded there for the colorful balloons. Sanjay a class 5th student and Nagaraja a class 8th student included in it. The balloon man’s cycle had a helium cylinder to fill the balloons. The helium cylinder became overheated due to the continuous filling up of balloons and when the seller poured some water to make it cool, the cylinder exploded due to great pressure and Sanjay and Nagaraja died. Four other children and the seller Manoj from U.P. were severely injured. The parents are still not able to digest the fact. They can’t believe that their children went to buy the balloons just 1 minute before is no more. I really wish those parents may get courage to face the fact and to lead a normal life.

The seller who was admitted in Victoria hospital escaped on Monday. Now the investigation unit is suspicious about the gas filled in it was helium or other lighter gases like hydrogen or acetylene. All three are easily available in market.

From this incident we can realize that accidents can happen in several ways. This was really an unexpected way. I think medias can do something for it. If they do research on the possibility of unexpected accidents and give awareness to the people, it would be a good service they are doing to the society.

News courtesy: Times of India, 7-7-08

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