Friday, July 11, 2008

Pet lovers

Pets give us entertainment, love and pleasure to our mind. The most loving pet is dog. Its affection and gratitude is beyond the words. In almost all nuclear families, pets are an integral part. But we should be conscious about the allergic diseases cause due to the fur of these pets. Nowadays pets are becoming the signs of status symbol. Some people go for Bush’s eye colored dog or Clinton’s grandsons type of pet. They look only for the brand. After modeling in some advertisements, the demand of some pets become high and people spend lots to make it own. As per the fashion changes, their pets also changes. In such people the intimacy will be less. Pet lovers will be kind hearted and we can trust them. Pets really help to bring out the kindness in our children’s mind. If we can develop this simple but most worth habit in our kids, that will be a great asset for the parents in their old ages.

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