Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dowry…the real problem maker in married life.

Dowry system began long back in the good sense of sharing the expense of settling a new house for the partners after marriage. For that the girl’s parents gave it as a gift. But now it has become the worst thing in our society. Dowry harassments and unnatural deaths are widely spreading. Whatever the origin may be, many women suffer its after effects. A minority of youngsters are against this dowry system today, but bride’s parents are the problem makers I think. Even though the groom’s family denies dowry, parents from the other side give “something” as a gift for their status, although it is debt from others.
Take an example. Think about the expense of running a maruti 800 and Ford. In the second case we will have to undertake many adjustments to manage it. Most of the parents try to make relationship with boys from rich family, by avoiding qualities of ordinary people, due to many reasons. (Attracted by their money or job). In such cases(not in all cases) happens a stove blast or some other unnatural deaths. Dowry should not be the main thing in choosing a partner, give preference to the values of one person. There are many youngsters in our society with good moral qualities, but there may be lack of money for them. If we don’t ignore them, we can avoid large range of dowry harassments and unnatural deaths.

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nishant said...

Dowry system is a curse for Indian society.Till this system is prevalent, the Indian society can't develop at all. It is an social evil and need to be abolished completely.