Wednesday, September 3, 2008

“Kids”- the success mantra behind many products’

Without advertisements no product can beat the marketing world. Kids are the main factors of many advertisements. (Not only for kids products but for all range of products). Kids in advertisements attract customers more easily. It is a marketing strategy of advertisement agencies.

In some cases, these ads are giving negative impact in kids minds, because of the theme and kids are the main viewers of these ads. “Teasing elders or always victory upon others” become the themes of these ads. Our tiny ones are now totally hooked on to television and they are fascinated by the amazing world of ads. As most families are nuclear, parents don’t get enough time to spend with kids and normally they become addicted to television channels. As a result these programs make a deep influence in their minds, and as its impact, they want to succeed always. They are not ready to face failure. Due to long time TV watching, they lose intimacy to others. Lots of cartoon channels are available now. Jetix, cartoon network, Nick, Hungama and pogo are some of these. In some cartoons fighting and unusual powers are the themes. So ads and cartoons make such type of negative influence in kids. It is our responsibility of parents to make them realize the facts.

Many kids products offer some free gifts with their pack for attracting children. So for getting these gifts, parents are forced to buy these things. So automatically we fall into their business trick. In exam season, we can see the launching of many products targeted on these kids. So for more intelligence and power, parents depend these ready made products by the influence these ads. Instead of that if we are using the natural foods, we will get 100% result from that. But all we have to do is spend some time for it.

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