Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Violence get ahead in India.

India is getting popular for its Religious Violence nowadays. Events that happen in many states of India especially in Orissa shows its depth. Now it is spreading to other states too. We all forget the good principles of religions that it is not for violence. We all get mental peace through prayers and the worship centers provide the best circumstances for it. But in today’s condition can we go to a church and pray there with that peace of mind? I think when we go to interfere the belief of others and try to draw others to hike the density of one religion, all these things happen. Everybody has his/her own belief and stick on it. Religious changes play an important role in this violence. Understand the fact that religions are not for fighting, but for lighting a better life.

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Nishank Mehta said...

I agree with your viewpoint. Violence, not only as terrorism, but even as day-to-day roadside brawls, mob tendencies and other such demonstrations is showing its ugly head. It is imperative that we understand - and understand it quickly - that violence will only lead to destruction, chaos and a degradation of human togetherness.