Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why this harthal and bandh?

A mother who carries her little one to a hospital on harthal day, without getting any vehicles.
Sorrow of a mother who had to wait for long hours to reach her son's dead body on harthal day.
Is it really meant for a particular problem solving or for hurting the people? Whatever the politicians say for supporting this, majority of Indian people cannot join with them as it becomes unkind and shameful in some cases. Many incidents which happened in Kerela yesterday are examples of the awful results of harthal. Can anyone support the harthal makers after knowing the pathetic situation of a mother who had to wait for long hours to see her son’s dead body? Also one more mother running with her 4 month old child to a hospital nearby for 15 minutes without getting an auto. Whenever our people quit the harthal aspiration, then only our country can develop. This is the truth……
Picture Courtesy: Malayala Manorama