Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ear Eaters

What will be your reaction when a child cries continuously and making irritation always?
Or anyone always making annoyance? Gradually we hesitate to hear that sound. Why I mentioned it here is because, in sometimes I feel the same when I hear the sound of my phone. The reason is nothing but the disturbance of tele marketing people. I think all mobile phone customers are suffering this problem. It changes our mood in sometimes. We will be attending the phone within some emergency in sometimes, that time we are forcefully hearing the irritating sound of such calls. So as the result, whenever we get some real calls also, picking the phone will be in a bad mood. It affects the talking and even the relationship too.

What I have done to avoid is I have saved all numbers which I get calls often and I wont attend the call next time. So nowadays it is reduced. One of my friends went to the company outlet 3 times and gave warning. He threatened them that the next step will be a protest. Simply he said it, but it was effective. Now he is free from such calls. In metro cities the problem is that we won’t get anyone to unite and do something.

There are enough Medias here to advertise and to sell the products. This is not proper way to forcefully telling something to others ears. Most of such calls will be recorded type. So we can’t even react to them that time.

When I was planning to write something about this problem, yesterday incidentally I could see news about the same topic in news paper. Those informations are really useful. I am quoting those points also with this post.

The name of such calls is Unsolicited Commercial Calls (UCC). It is issued by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) for telecommunications. A consumer can register his telephone number in National Do Not Call registry (NDNC) by calling 1909 or sending SMS by typing “START DNC” to 1909.

If it is not activated even after 45 days of registration, a complaint can be lodged with the service provider.

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zoram said...

not only calls, smses r equally annoying too for me :(((

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susan manoj, said...

Thanks, sure Zoram.....