Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bangalore Couples

Bangalore - the city of gardens is famous for its richness of parks. So the people here don’t feel the dullness of city life compared to other cities. Enough parks and gardens provide the nature’s feeling at its best. But today’s young generation is not like the old. Today they have enough money to spend with, also enough boy/girl friends to date with. Young couples are a common view in parks, shopping malls etc. They do their extreme without considering the public . I read about this in a magazine 4 months back. A policeman questioned such an unauthorized couple, but they questioned him back, that it is none of his business. I also had to face many horrible experiences when I take my kid to such places. So parents are conscious about this when they go out with the kids. These kids are growing within this group of people. What will be happening in their future? Wait and see…. As a mother I feel a little nervousness about this problem.

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