Monday, December 29, 2008

Suicide education by our medias

So many suicide cases in students are hearing in recent times. Their suicide temptation is increased it seems. Within one month 3 main cases have happened in Kerala. There are two reasons behind it. One is media’s publicity and the other is misuse of mobile phones.

If the Medias get an incident about suicide, they are actually educating people on different ways of suicides, how many types of poisons are there, where can be the poisons get from, etc. Medias are celebrating each events whether it is tragedy or not over their competition attitude. News reporters forget their commitment to the society and do their best to exploit all things for job hike. Just watch today's news reading method and compare it to the old one. Today they are elaborating the news unnecessarily. And they are over performing too. Most of the channels imitate English news reading styles (in attire and over performing). In Mumbai terror attacks, the over exposure of medias helped our opponents to succeed their plans. It had become a controversy too.

Mobile phones are very essential in our life that is true. But hi-tech facilities like cameras in it make trap for the girls, resulting in their tragic end in many cases. Medias should have commitment to the society. Now for news publicity they are ready to do anything. Hope they will realize the facts once and serve the society in good manner.

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