Sunday, November 23, 2008

Morning sunlight and its fine effects.

We might have seen newborn infants are exposed to morning sunlight. Also prayer to God Sun which Hindus do as their ritual every morning after a bath. There are scientific reasons behind these deeds. Sunlight is utilized as treatment for physiologic jaundice. As the devotees turn 3 times while praying to Sun, the entire body gets sunlight. For many skin diseases, sunlight is advised as a medicine in Ayurveda.

Sunlight always denotes happiness and joy. Sunlight also brightens our day, gives positive energy to think and act compared to darkness or lack of sunlight. That is the reason why in winter season, people are moody, depressed and less productive. (The lack of sunlight lowers serotonin which is the hormone that is usually elevated when a person is happy).

Vitamin D which is essential for the skin, bones and hair growth is derived from the sun.

So we don’t have to be hesitated to expose our self to the early morning sunlight. It is good for our mental and physiological health.


The Solitary Writer. said...

yes i guess that early morning sunlight is a direct and a good source of vitamin D whose deficiency can cause rickets and other born related diseases...nice post susan.....

zoram said...

yup...really nice one!
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