Friday, August 15, 2008

Lalbagh Botanical Garden…..the proud of Garden City

A view from the flower show-2008
A view from the flower show-2007

Glass house
Lalbagh is a 240 acre widespread garden with wide variety of trees, herbs and flowerbeds. Hyder Ali commissioned the building of this garden in 1760. And his son Tipu Sultan completed it. The horticultural wealth of this garden is the outcome of importing of trees from several countries by Tipu Sultan.

It is really a commendable thing that such a big part of Bangalore is covered by a huge garden. There are many tourist points inside this garden. One of them is the glass house. Its design was inspired by the famous crystal palace of London. The other tourist locations inside this garden are,
01. Floral clock
02. Maharaja statue
03. Aquarium
04. Band stand
05. Rose Garden
06. Lake
07. Watch Tower
08. Silk cotton tree
09. Tree fossil
10. Lotus pond
11. Glass House
12. Dove cot
13. Horticulture information center
14. Bonsai Garden
15. Kempe gowda tower
16. Topiary garden
17. Japanese Garden
18. Directorate

Here, flower shows are conducted twice in a year. On Republic Day and on Independence Day. This shows will last for one week. It is conducted inside the glass house. An exhibition also will be conducted relating to this flower show. We will get precious foods items(all natural), handicraft products, seeds of plants, plants and everything related to horticultural that we never get outside. Jam made of rose petals and honey is very delicious.

I think it will be really a wonderful experience to visit this Botanical Garden.

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