Friday, July 30, 2010

A ray of hope to alcohol addicted people and their families.

I came to know about AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) from Malayala Manorama daily, a few weeks back. Many faces of some tragic families passed through my mind that time. I think our state is first in consuming liquors, and its rate hikes especially in festival seasons. I felt it is a good organization for such people. It helps to get rid of alcoholism from themselves and helping others to relieve from this “family and society ruining” bad habit.

AA was formed in the year 1935, now they are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. The only condition to join in AA is the strong desire to throw away alcohol. No fees are taking for this purpose. The names of its members will be very confidential also. The members share their experiences of alcoholic life and what they done to relieve from this habit too. The members concentrate in how can live “today” without alcohol. When they can do it easily, “every day passes” like this.

You can contact AA in,

Thiruvananthapuram: 9496261512

Kottayam: 9447038765

Ernakulam: 9447003384

Kozhikkode: 9847985297


Just search AA or Alcoholics Anonymous in telephone directory.

Really hope AA’s efforts can lift many awful families from their miseries to pleasure.

For more details please log on to Alcoholics Anonymous

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