Monday, June 6, 2011

Do within 100 days!

Most of us luv to postpone our duties without any reasons. A push is always needed to do something. I have lot of pending works at home now and we (me and my hubby) thought of how to complete it. It was very incidental that we could read about our Honorable chief minister Mr.Umman Chandy's 100 days project in Malayala Manorama daily. It made us think that if such a person with too much work schedules can complete all those things in 100 days, why can't we? It was really a motivational news. One thing I realize from it is, if there is a dead line, we all can finish all our duties on time.

First thing we did was made a long list of our pending works with a caption "Do within 100 days". It includes our system cleaning, disposal of unwanted fies and so many small small things. Now everything is in our long list. And now we are too thrilled to finish all those within these 100 days.

All of you can try this simple method from today itself. You will find 100 days are more...sure.


AswathiBabu said...

A great pleasure to see you again with a great idea. We are also planning to make a long...list...

susan manoj, said...

Could complete 80% of our works in this time period. Started the second list too.